A new year, a new server.

A new year, a new server.

Happy new year to everyone. As you might have noticed, I’ve gotten an early start on my new year’s resolution of overhauling my web page.

Originally, I had planned to keep my face scanning business under FilmicWorlds.com and keep the existing blog under FilmicGames.com. But both sites were overdue for a renovation and maintaining the separation was more trouble than it was worth. So from now on everything will be under FilmicWorlds.

As a housekeeping issue, that means I’m shutting down FilmicGames.com, or rather it will redirect here. The important posts will maintain their permalinks. I.e. the posts about Linear Space Lighting, Filmic Tonemapping, and Specular Separation have been moved over, and the permalinks for those pages will redirect. The transition was a fair bit of work becuase I’ve had to copy over and fix posts by hand. But that was a good excuse to clean out the clutter and remove the posts that are no longer relevant. FilmicGames.com will stay up for a few weeks but once everything seems stable it will close down and redirect here.

I’ve joined the static web page revolution, so goodbye WordPress, hello Jekyll. Unfortunately, that also means that I’ve lost comments in the transition. I have the comments offline (exported from the Wordpress database) so they aren’t permantently deleted, but the new comments are under Disqus so it seemed better to start fresh. If it’s an issue for anyone, then let me know.

Moving on to new things, it has been an exciting year and there are some really cool projects that I hope to talk about soon. Also, I’m way behind on blogging so there will be a bunch of posts coming in the next few weeks. Happy new year!

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